The story of a day in the life of an unsuccessful office worker

7:29am Think positive - it’s Monday!

Think positive. Things will be different on this wonderful, freezing cold Monday morning. 

The car will start first time. All traffic lights will be green. There will be no delays due to road works, broken down vehicles or accidents. The traffic will be lighter than usual and I will get a nice smooth run.  

Because it’s Monday, other drivers will be in a courteous, considerate, relaxed and calm state of mind. They will kindly allow me ample space whenever I need to change lanes. They will not exert any form of aggression whatsoever, be it with  horn, finger or fist.      

I will arrive at work on time, pumped and ready for the new week. My bosses and co-workers will be in a great mood and will greet each other with big smiles on their faces. Full of optimism, their passion for teamwork, co-operation and a positive work environment will stand out in every way. The entire office will be abuzz with the dynamic and vibrant atmosphere of employees who have been liberated from the burden of having to spend an entire two days away from the place they love so dearly – their office or cubicle. 

With a positive thought and a smile, I turn the key of my 30 year old Volkswagon.

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