The story of a day in the life of an unsuccessful office worker

8:06am The pile up at the end of the freeway

Anger and frustration simmer inside me as I reach the end of the freeway.  

Now comes the fun part - the bank up.  

A bottleneck occurs at the end of the freeway, resulting in a massive pile up of cars. Essentially, this involves a thirty minute period of sitting in the car in the middle of the road,  putting up with the bad taste of music of the driver next to me and creeping forward about two meters once every forty five seconds.  

This morning is no different. After the last 15 minutes of cutting and weaving, I finally reach the point where I have to slow down and come to a complete stop about 350m from the end of the freeway.  

Twenty seconds later, the lane on my right starts moving. Six cars pass and I see a small opportunity to move into that lane. Quickly, I take my opportunity and change lanes, prompting an angry horn blast from a driver two lanes over who had the same idea.  

Immediately, my new lane comes to a standstill and the lane I just changed from starts to move. Damn. I have to change back. Let’s see, now… no, no, no, oh here’s a chance. Quick, if I move now…oh bugger! The bloke behind me has got in first. Bugger! 

All I can do is sit hopelessly and watch as my lane remains at a standstill and car after car passes by in the lane I was in previously. Another small chance…Quick glance over the shoulder…clear…go! Yes, made it. Great … as if on cue, the lane I move into comes to an immediate standstill. The lane I changed out of starts moving again.  

Maybe it’s just easier to stay in one lane! 

Fuming mad, I pound the steering wheel with my fists, and utter some words which cannot be repeated. I look at my watch – twelve past eight – and then utter more words which cannot be repeated.  

But all I can do is sit and wait… and wait…and wait…

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