The story of a day in the life of an unsuccessful office worker

7:26am No time for breakfast

“I’m off mum,” I yell as I go to walk out the door. “Bye.” 

“Not so fast, Stewart James Robertson,” says my mother. “You have not had breakfast yet, have you? 

“That’s OK, I’m running late. I’ll get something from the coffee shop.” 

“Oh no you will not! You will not have coffee and doughnuts. You need to start looking after yourself. You need to lose some weight.”  

Great. I’m a twenty five, I live with my parents, I’m running late for work and good old mum is trying to look after me. It’s sweet of her, but right now I could do without it. Besides, what’s wrong with coffee and doughnuts for breakfast at ten thirty? 

“I bought these new breakfast bars,” she continues. “You can eat them on the way when you are running late.”  

Wonderful. Health food. Looks disgusting. Bet it tastes that way, too!  

No time to argue. I’ll take them, bin them at work and have coffee and doughnuts as normal. Problem solved.  

“Thanks mum.” I stuff them in my briefcase and now head for the door.  

“Just a minute, Stewart dear.” Those three dreaded words mean one thing – I’m not getting out the door yet.  

She hurries over to me and fiddles around with my clothes to ‘straighten me up.’ I stand still, waiting for the pain of this procedure to be over.  

“Now, just let me have a look at you.” She steps back and conducts a two second examination of my personal presentation. “Yep. That’s fine now. Oh, you look so handsome. I’m so proud of you!” (whatever) 

Finally – departure authorization granted.


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