The story of a day in the life of an unsuccessful office worker

7:23am My favorite underwear

Got em. My favorite pair of blue and white boxer shorts - the ones with the characters from Lord of the Rings.  

I always save my favorites for Monday. They make Monday somewhat bearable.  

Ergonomists say that physical comfort at the workstation is essential for maximum performance. Accordingly, I believe my boxers are a crucial element in making effective use of my work day. 

I have to sit in an uncomfortable chair all day. My boxers provide that tight, silky feel around the groin and buttocks area, offering essential comfort and support for the area most affected by contact with the chair. Therefore, they play a significant role in optimizing my immediate physical environment.


Shirt .. jacket .. pants - I shove these uncomfortable clothes on and tie my noose around my neck.  Keys … wallet … phone … used unclean handkerchief  …got em – ready. 

Next stage - getting past mum in the kitchen. 


  1. December 20th, 2015 | 3:25 am

    xazoxhna, onoma kai prama…. akou ekei iwniko braki me KORINTHIAKO kirkonoano…. !!!ts ts ts….exeis dei kseres ekkriseis se mayro boxer Natalia?gia ta Ατθίς ti gnwmh exeis provate?egw ta thewrw anwtera twn Minerva…. eksartatai kai apo to periexomeno bebaia kai isws exw ephreastei…kati mou leei oti to gym sou einai se poly kentriko shmeio…. konta sthn Soutsou (me S) kai Dimokritou, opou kai to perifhmo magazi me ta ekswtika eswrouxa….

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