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I Hate Getting Out of Bed Syndrome (IHGOOBS)

In my previous post, I mentioned that I suffer from a crippling medical condition called I hate getting out of bed and going to work syndrome.  

This is one specific variety of a broader range of conditions referred to as I hate getting out of bed syndrome (IHGOOBS).  

Other varieties of the condition include:  

·        I hate getting out of bed and going to school syndrome;   

·        I had too much to drink last night and now I have a hangover syndrome; and  

·        My bed is so comfortable that I just don’t want to get up anyway syndrome. 

Many factors contribute to this condition. These can include:  

·        difficult bosses; 

·        unrealistic workloads;  

·        traffic chaos on the way to work;  

·        excessive drinking the night before; 

·        freezing cold temperatures or wet weather; and  

·        warm and comfortable beds.  

Sufferers typically experience a high degree of physical and mental lethargy at around six or seven o’clock in the morning, particularly on Monday mornings. 

There is no known cure. Those that are unable to manage their condition suffer three known short and long term effects – an inability to arrive at work on time, frequent trips to their local employment service and an unsuccessful career.  

I am yet to learn how to effectively manage my condition and the process of getting up requires an enormous amount of physical and emotional effort on my behalf. 

This morning is no different. I just don’t want to get out of bed and it will take an enormous effort for me to do so.

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