The story of a day in the life of an unsuccessful office worker

7:35am Early morning traffic, the usual fun and games

Seven thirty-five, my watch ominously says.  

Oh golly! Seven thirty five! I’m dead. One dead man!  

Office hours begin at eight thirty. Timing is crucial. If I leave by seven twenty, I beat the traffic, cruise down the freeway, get a dream run and arrive comfortably in the office at about ten past eight. I even have time to tuck my shirt in and fix my tie before my boss arrives. 

However, like clockwork, the traffic starts to build up on the freeway at around seven forty-five. If I don’t leave before seven thirty, like this morning and indeed, like most mornings, I get caught in the bank up.  

That’s just plain bad news. After the bank up starts, the trip down the freeway can be divided into two parts – the rally car racing for the majority of the way (see below) and the bank up at the end (see next post).  

This morning is no different. The freeway resembles more of a dodgem car ring than a road, except that the cars are traveling at 100 kilometers an hour. I approach it like a rally car driver on a race track. I weave in and out of traffic, take any opportunities to overtake or cut in front of other vehicles and try to block others from cutting in.   

It’s like navigating a space shuttle through an asteroid field. Some days I get through this by concentrating really hard. Other days, I just close my eyes and use the force. Today, I choose the latter approach. 

I once believed that driver courtesy was a virtue, that a little human kindness went a long way.  

But experience has taught me better. It’s a mug’s game out there. It’s every man for himself. If you’re too kind, people take advantage of you and cut in on your lane. It’s war on the freeway and you gotta be prepared for battle.  

Nice guys don’t win.

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