The story of a day in the life of an unsuccessful office worker

9:43am Making my dreams happen

For many, turning dreams into reality is a difficult challenge.  

They must develop effective work habits, initiative, sacrifice, discipline and the courage to put their best foot forward. 

I, too, face challenges in turning my dreams into reality.  

If I am to turn my dreams into reality without doing any real work, I have to enhance my skills and techniques in terms of office politics 

Specifically, I need to develop more effective skills in the following areas: 

·        knowing who to be nice to and when;  

·        making full-proof excuses;  

·        getting wrongful credit for ideas or work done by others;  

·        transferring blame when something has gone wrong; and  

·        having inappropriate relations with influential female managers. 

Some believe that I am taking the wrong approach and that diligence and sacrifice are more important than office politics. They point to the fact that I have been fired from four jobs in five years since leaving university.  

But don’t write me off just yet. Getting ahead through office politics alone will take a lot of patience, skill and practice. Successful people make mistakes and learn from them. 

Persistence and continual learning are keys to success.

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