The story of a day in the life of an unsuccessful office worker

9:40am My dream versus my reality

There comes a time to sit back and reflect on your direction in life. 

For me, that time is now – when Bill is away from his desk and I can space out for a while. 

My dreams and my reality have one thing in common – both involve being actively passive (lazy). But that’s where the similarities end. 

In my dreams, I’m a corporate high flyer. I have no superiors and many subordinates. 

In reality, I’m at the bottom of the corporate ladder. I have many superiors and no subordinates. 

In my dreams, I relax and take it easy. I achieve results by delegating excessive workloads with unrealistic deadlines to my staff. 

In reality, I also relax and take it easy when I can. But those above me achieve results by placing excessive workloads and unrealistic deadlines upon me. 

In my dreams, subordinates make way for me in office corridors. 

In reality, I make way for superiors in office corridors. 

In my dreams, I work in my own cushy office, complete with a view across the city, my own personal fridge and a small pot plant, watered by my personal assistant. 

In reality, I work at my own compact cubicle – complete a view of a thick grey concrete wall, my own personal stack of files and a $2 pot plant watered by me. 

In my dreams, I drive a new Holden Statesman, provided as part of my generous compensation package.  

In reality, I battle traffic in a thirty year old Volkswagen, provided for by debt repayments made from my modest compensation package. 

In my dreams, my investment portfolio is showing consistent appreciation in value through fresh contributions and healthy investment returns. 

In reality, my portfolio of debts is showing consistent appreciation in value through fresh borrowings and unhealthy interest charges. 

In my dreams, I live on one acre, in a double storey beachfront home.  

In reality, I live in a compact, two bedroom unit rented by my parents. 

In my dreams, I’m happily married to an intelligent, beautiful woman. I’m also having an affair with my gorgeous, thirty-something secretary. 

In reality, I’ve been single and desperate for twenty years.  

But, I have a surefire action plan to turn my dreams into reality. (details next post)  

Accordingly, I can face the future with confidence. 

Dreams come true for the man with a plan.


  1. November 9th, 2007 | 9:41 pm

    If I were you, I’d be doing a lot of sleeping!

  2. November 10th, 2007 | 7:13 am

    Good idea, Brad.

    Sleeping in a warm, comfortable bed truly is a wonderful way to avoid the problems and realities of life.



  3. November 14th, 2007 | 2:36 am

    what a nice little find this blog is! i think i came here through the decision strategist.

    i know you’re writing this with half a tongue in half a cheek … may i just make a “serious” comment?

    i’ve found that there is a huge difference between what i call fantasizing vs. dreaming. fantasizing keeps us in un-reality. the gorgeous secretary, the vacation in an expensive hawaiian resort three times a year … we can just lose ourselves in fantasizing about this. i know i’ve spent many of my younger years doing just that. the THINGS i did in my fantasy world!

    but then there are dreams that are just precursors of reality. for example, i believe that today we are a bit closer to martin luther’s dream than we were 40 years ago. these are dreams that fire us on to make changes - especially the small ones, the ones that take one baby step after the other - and do produce results, if sometimes only 40 years later.

  4. November 14th, 2007 | 6:07 am

    Thank you Isabella,

    On a serious note, you make a good point.

    At times, the word dream is used when we are really referring to a fantasy or a wish, as I have done in this post.

    But I think there is a clear distinction between dreaming and fantasizing.

    In my opinion, dreams are something you are serious about, fantasies are something you merely wish for. Dreams produce action, fantasies do not. Dreams, as you say, fire us to make changes, implement small action steps and produce results. Fantasies do not.

    Personally, when I want to distinquish between a dream and a fantasy in my own life, I ask myself this question - “Am I following a plan of action to make this happen?”

    If the answer is yes, then it’s a dream. If the answer is ‘no’ then it’s a fantasy.

    Again, you make a good point. Thank you for your comment.



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