The story of a day in the life of an unsuccessful office worker

9:32am The corporate rat race - part 2

But corporate life is not always bad. 

I am happy to report that Malcolm, my hard working and diligent friend from the previous post, found new employment and has been with his current employer for two years. 

During this time, his hard work and diligence has paid off. 

Three months ago, he received an outstanding performance review. His supervisor commented on his co-operative attitude and his willingness to do more than required. 

Malcolm’s reward is a pay increase of two percent, to be phased in over a four year period. The increase, which is being awarded to all non managerial employees, represents a reward for productivity gains of fifteen percent. 

In addition, in the company’s annual report, the Chairman will devote one sentence to praising “the contribution of highly skilled and dedicated employees who have made the company into an outstanding success.” 

His employer was unable to offer a larger increase due to ‘cost pressures.’ 

Cost pressures are mounting due to large increases in remuneration for senior management. All senior managers were recently awarded pay increases of up to 50%, not subject to performance.  

In order to maintain a competitive cost structure, the sizable increase in remuneration expenses at the managerial level must be offset by restraint at the non-managerial level. 

Accordingly, management cannot agree to irresponsible wage claims, such as the four percent increase proposed by the union.  

Wage restraint, along with continued hard work and dedication, is a sacrifice that employees must make in order to ensure the success of the company.

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