The story of a day in the life of an unsuccessful office worker

9:30am The corporate rat race - part 1

Turning dreams into reality is one of the biggest challenges in life. 

My friend, Malcolm, is an IT professional. He approaches this challenge by hard work and sacrifice.  

Malcolm arrives at work early, puts his head down, and strives to achieve positive outcomes. He takes pride in his work.  

His reward from his first employer was a permanent vacation.   

On the day of the good news, they showered him with gratitude.  

First, he was treated to a meeting in the company boardroom, his first in four years at the company. There, he was told that due to a restructure in his department, he was now overqualified for any positions available.  

But the gratitude did not stop there. The company made other provisions for him, including: 

·        thirty minutes of company time to collect personal belongings; 

·        the opportunity to begin his vacation immediately; 

·        six weeks of vacation spending money, in addition to accumulated amounts owing; and 

·        his own personal security guard, to make certain that he did not inadvertently steal or damage company property, to remind him to hand in his security pass and to ensure his personal safety whilst leaving the building. 

But the best was still to come. 

His biggest reward came the very next week. The company announced a record profit result, along with the granting of an extra million stock options to the chief executive as a performance bonus.  

The hard work of dedicated employees like Malcolm had paid off - the boss could now earn an extra few million each year for taking it easy all day long. 

A true reward for effort indeed.


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