The story of a day in the life of an unsuccessful office worker

9:00am The report I’m supposed to have finished

Attention turns to the Cost Analysis Report. 

“Now Stuart, about that Cost Analysis Report,” said Bill Johns, Finance Manager and my supervisor. “Obviously with the server down this morning, you would not have been able to run off your report. Is that correct? 

Did I hear correctly? The server was down! Hah hah! Yes – the server was down. You beauty!  

I am now armed with the perfect excuse – the server was down, so I could not print out the reports this morning. Now, no one has to know that I haven’t actually done them. I’m saved! 

Bless the trusty IT department! They’ve come through for me once more just when I needed them.  

But I dare not look too pleased. I fake an unhappy and somewhat frustrated gesture and tone of voice.  

“Unfortunately, no. I was planning to run them off earlier this morning, but the server is still down and I was unable to access the file. Sorry about that.” 

“That’s OK Stewie. It’s not your fault that the server was down,” said Adam Johnson, the logistics manager. “Why don’t you provide us with a copy of the reports before Friday’s meeting and we can discuss it then?”  

“No problem.” 

You beauty! I’ve got until Friday morning. No need to think about it until Thursday afternoon. 

Some say that technology always lets you down when you need to get something done.  

I disagree.  

Technology never let’s you down when you need an excuse for not producing results.

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