The story of a day in the life of an unsuccessful office worker

8:57am Sorry I’m late

Knock knock knock. 

“That you, Robertson,” mutters that low pitched, authoritative, grumpy voice. “Get your butt in here!”  

My situation is even more dire than at first thought. That’s the unmistakable voice of Ted Grundy, the Managing Director and majority owner of the company.  

Explaining myself to Bill and others in the meeting would have been bad enough. But Ted Grundy – this is downright frightening. 

“Good morning everyone. Sorry I’m late.”  

Seated around the meeting room table are Adam Johnson (Logistics Manager) Linda Darley (Assistant Logistics Manager), Nick Taylor (Division Manager), Ted Grundy (Managing Director) and of course, my boss Bill Mathers (Finance Manager). No one appears to be terribly impressed. 

“Really, Mr. Robertson,” Mr. Grundy began. “You know, it had occurred to me that perhaps the rest of us might have been early.”  

A slight chuckle echoes around the room. Ted Grundy has a habit of beginning with some sarcastic humor when you’ve done something wrong. But I know I’m in trouble. And I do not want to get on the wrong side of Ted Grundy. 

“Please, make yourself comfortable. Can I get you anything to drink? Tea or coffee? 

“No thanks.”  

“Oh, please Mr. Robertson, I insist. Since I, like others in the room here have had the privilege of waiting for you for twenty minutes, it seems only appropriate that I have the pleasure of waiting on you as well.” 

“I’m very sorry for being late and holding you all up.”  

“Oh no, not at all. You just join us whenever it suits you. Don’t worry about what time the meeting actually starts. Your time schedule and your personal convenience are both far more important than any of ours.  

I mean, I myself am only the Managing Director and owner of this company. I’m just a humble man. My time is not particularly important.  

But you - you’re the Finance Assistant. Your personal needs take precedence over anything else around here. So you just come and go whenever you please. We’ll all just fit around you.”  

Oh golly, this is just the beginning.

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