The story of a day in the life of an unsuccessful office worker

8:55am That early morning meeting

My eyes bulge at the site of the first item on the list.  

Panic time again.  

Blimey - the logistics department meeting! It can’t be this morning, can it?  

Think …It’s on Monday the 16th … Oh dear, it is this morning. I forgot all about it. It started twenty minutes ago. I’m supposed to be there right now, presenting my report. I haven’t finished it. Bloody hell! 

I work for a medium sized telecommunications and technology company. We specialize in providing outsourced business processes, predominately for telecommunications companies.  

One service we provide is an order and fulfillment service. When corporate clients place an order for cell phones to provide for their staff, we handle the entire order and fulfillment process on behalf of the telecommunications company.  Our call centre will takes the clients’ orders and our distribution facility then packs and dispatches the order directly to the client. 

A meeting is being held this morning to discuss a range of options which are being considered for expansion of our distribution facilities. I am supposed to be in that meeting right now, presenting a Cost Analysis Report on each of the options being considered.  

However, I did not realize that the meeting was this morning. Now I’m twenty minutes late and I haven’t finished my report. I’m in deep trouble.  

How will I bluff my way through this one? Think, think … no ideas.  

Oh dear. I’m gone.

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