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8:34am The joy of finding a car park

In today’s corporate world, regular employees enjoy few privileges which are not available to senior management. 

In my company, the privilege of finding one’s own car park and paying for it is one exception. 

Regular staff may choose from any available car park in the city. Senior managers are forced to use one car park – the secure private facility located directly under our office building. 

Regular staff can shop around for the best price – usually about $15-$20 Australian dollars (USD $12-$15). Senior managers must accept a charge of $0, non-negotiable.  

Regular staff may choose their position within the car park from any of the three available spaces. Top level or back of the second top level? Facing a concrete wall or the headlights of another vehicle? They choose. 

Top level managers must accept the space allocated to them directly in front of the entrance to the office. 

This is one privilege I would gladly forgo. 

I enter Wilson Car Park in a state of desperation, after passing three ‘Lot full’ signs at other car parks. 

Level one…forget it. Try the second level. 

Level two…Great! There’s a spot – second floor – not bad! 

Hold on, there’s a sign… “No parking. All vehicles will be towed away. Fine $500.” Perhaps not. 

Level three…Great. A space just behind this van… Oh damn! There’s a tiny little Honda – it was obscured by the van. Bugger! 

Level four…No, no, no…Here’s one! The driver’s just backing out now. Good timing…wait…he’s going back in again. He was just straightening up. ****! 

I finally locate a park at the back of the top level. Upon my return, I am likely to find another vehicle in my way. When they reach this level, some drivers just give up in pure desperation and double-park, preventing the driver of the other vehicle from backing out. 

Accordingly, this is not a great space to park. But I’m already eleven minutes late so this will have to do. 

Late employees can’t be choosers.


  1. September 22nd, 2007 | 9:11 pm

    How about a bicycle? Love your blog!

  2. September 23rd, 2007 | 5:54 pm

    Thanks Brad.

    Yeah, I think a bicycle would be easier, particularly in terms of parking.

    Might not be so good in wet weather, though.



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