The story of a day in the life of an unsuccessful office worker

2:41pm The queue for the photocopier

Whether at work or at home, one thing is for certain – you always get stuck in long queues when you can least afford it.  

I have twenty minutes before the audit meeting to copy and staple together ten copies of a twelve page report. I must get cracking, so I grab the pages I need and hurry toward the photocopier.   

But, as I round the corner, an unpromising picture comes into view. Four people, with faces indicating impatience and frustration, are lined up behind the photocopier. Less promising still is that two of them are holding many pages.   

Both of the other machines on our floor are out of order. Great! 

C’mon, c’mon hurry up!  I try to be patient, but anger and frustration are simmering inside me. 

Two forty-seven. Finally, I reach the front of the queue. At long last!  

If I hurry, I can still copy the reports before the meeting. 

Long queues are inevitable when you have no time to wait. It’s when you run late for work that you get stuck in a traffic jam or are affected by train delays. It’s when you need to get things done that you wait on the end of the phone line for fifteen minutes, all the while being comforted that ‘your call is important to us’ and that ‘your call has progressed in the queue.’ And it’s when you have an urgent need to compile reports for a meeting that a queue develops at the photocopier. 

Long waits in queues when you can least afford them are one of the certainties in life.


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