The story of a day in the life of an unsuccessful office worker

10:58am Inch by inch, everything’s a cinch

In today’s corporate world, it is easy to become overwhelmed when confronted with a challenging task. 

Breaking the task down into a series of smaller, step by step processes often helps to make the task appear to be more realistically achievable. 

This is exactly how I feel about the task of getting involved in a relationship with the ladies in the credit department.  

When I think about the task as a whole, I feel overwhelmed. Accordingly, I have developed a step by step plan: 


Step 1: Choose some appropriate ladies to court. 

At this point, I need not restrict my choice to one lady. I need only narrow the selection down to a short list. 


Step 2: Initiate ‘surface level’ contact with target ladies. 

Make up any excuse to initiate regular contact on work related matters with women short listed from step 1. Ask for assistance in following up invoices, checking customer payments, accruals or anything else I can think of. 


Step 3: Move into more general conversation 

Hobbies…interests…what they do on the weekend…that kind of stuff. 

Fake an interest in their lives. 


Step 4: Make some moves. 

To avoid suspicion, target ladies must be short listed to one at this point. 

Ask prospect for coffee or lunch. 

To add extra class, pay for both of you with credit card. Allow a healthy tip for the waiter and pray that the transaction is not declined. 


Step 5: Ask short listed prospect to go out with me. 

Armed with a step by step plan, the accomplishment of my goal no longer seems like an overwhelming task.  

Now for the hard part – taking action on the plan.

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